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Roof Cleaning HoustonRoof cleaning profession and the benefits of roof cleaning as a cost-saving measure and preventive maintenance for your home.

Over 30% of roofs, nearly one out of every three are replaced early because the home owner was unaware that their roof could be cleaned. Roof cleaning is very affordable however the longer you wait the more the fungus grows and the more costly the cleaning will be.​ Neglecting to clean your roof will only cause more damage to your roof.Lichen will eat through your roof shingles like termites eat through the wood on your home.

It is best to clean it right away. Our roof cleaning service cleans MOLD, MOSS, LICHEN and ALGAE from asphalt shingles, tile and cedar shingle roofs, without staining your paint and without altering the color of your roofing material.

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    They showed up exactly as planned and they did all the work within 30 minutes time. This was a very good experience, we didn't have any trouble at all because they provided us all of the details about the roofing shingles and warrantee. We gave them the go ahead to get the roof replaced and the crew came on time with 8 guys, they completed my roof within 1 day and I am really happy I went with them. Great job!! Excellent~ Mike B. - Conroe, TX
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