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Blown Attic Insulation | Spray Foam Insulation

The #1 source of air leaks in a typical home is through the ceiling, walls, and floors. It is one of the most basic and cost-effective ways to increase the value and comfort of your home while reducing energy bills. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing Insulation or if you are in the process of building a new home, A Affordable Services can take care of all of your Attic Insulation needs. Call today for your FREE energy consultation!


We offer services and products that are designed to help homeowners and business owners by improving their comfort and decreasing energy bills. We specialize in residential and commercial polyurethane spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, loose-fill attic insulation, radiant barrier and spray reflective coating. As well as the installation of ventilation products such as solar vents, power vents, ridge vents, soffits, attic vents and attic insulation removal.


Our Weather Guard Package includes three services that help eliminate dust and air infiltration and also aid in reducing energy usage.


Our trained technicians will come out and provide a thorough assessment of your home’s attic area or project site to check insulation levels, ventilation systems, possible air leaks in the air conditioning system, and to give you a professional consultation about energy-saving steps such as radiant barrier, insulation, and ventilation.



Fiberglass Insulation

85% of homes in the U.S. are not energy efficient due to inadequate levels of insulation. The Department of Energy recommends an R-60 value for homes in the Greater Houston area. Without these proper standards, hot or cold air (depending on the season) moves through the roof and then into your living area. Trapping the hot or cold air in the attic so that your living area stays at a consistent, comfortable temperature year round. With that said, it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to save money on your energy bills. Other benefits include the increased comfort of living area, extended life of your HVAC unit, noise control, condensation control, and energy conservation.

Hot air rises and cool air falls, therefore, this continuous motion causes an uninsulated home/ living area to become uncomfortable because warm places become cooler and vice versa. During the winter months, heated air flows into the garage, basement or attic. The attic is where most of the heat is lost during the winter months; however, ensuring adequate levels of fiberglass padding will prevent this heat loss.

Helping you to keep the home temperature uniform; it allows you to save you money by reducing your energy consumption and also provides a comfortable atmosphere. Additional benefits include noise reduction and an increase in home value.

Be it a newly built or a home that has survived for ages, our way of insulation can benefit greatly. As time passes it gradually becomes compacted and becomes less efficient. Therefore, we suggest that you have one of our professional visiting your home to recommend minor enhancements to the process, which will positively impact your energy usage and increase the value of your home.

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Our Fiberglass Insulation is a 35% recycled material that is chemical free and Green Guard Certified. So not only are you helping the environment by making your home more energy efficient. The products used are environmentally friendly, and best of all, you will be saving money. To learn more about the requirements for green guard certification or for your Free In-Home Energy Consultation, call one of our Energy Efficiency Experts TODAY.


  • Spray Cellulose
  • Batt Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Metal Building Insulation

We provide the most affordable attic insulation based on your budget and your needs. We also provide full Home Roof Repairs & Houston Roof Replacement services.  Call us today!

  • ruth Hanrahan Avatar

    I was very pleased with my service . The man that came out to look at my roof was very honest and in any type of business that is the one important thing I look for. I defiantly will be using this company in the future ! highly recommend to anyone who is looking for roof repair .

    ruth Hanrahan
    Daryl Quinnett Avatar

    I would like to say thanks to our employees that help us here at A Affordable make our customers happy.

    Daryl Quinnett
    Mark Riley Avatar

    A Affordable removed the existing shingles, replaced damaged decking, replaced fascia and installed a CertainTeed Landmark shingle roof system at a very affordable and competitive price. The installers performed in a workman like manner and completed the entire job in a single day. The roofing system looks great and my property was left clean and clear of all debris and nails. Great job for a fair price. I highly recommend A Affordable Roofing Services.

    Mark Riley
  • Pamela Curtis Avatar

    Customer Service representative was fantastic, very knowledgeable, brought samples for me to review, answered my questions with out hesitation, provide financing options that were reasonable. He gave me the best deal, new roof, radiant barrier and additional insulation that I needed.The actual crew that installed the roof were great, happy guys that worked well together. They were efficient, tidy and proud of their work. They worked 12 hours straight because rain was on the way.They kept my yard and plants covered, never found a nail or old roof tile after they finished.Very reliable, competent company.Not enough words to describe the quality of their products and workmanship.

    Pamela Curtis
    Kevin Kesterson Avatar

    We were dealing with another company that overpromised and under under delivered, after waiting 45 days with no results we contacted A Affordable. Chase came out surveyed the job and had us a quote by the end of the day. They dealt with our insurance and our HOA. We had our roof replaced yesterday( within 2 weeks) and couldn't be happier. From start to finish hassle free and top notch people. Will tell anyone that asks A Affordable is definitely the people to have for your roofing needs.

    Kevin Kesterson
    Brent Perkins Avatar

    This is the third roof A Affordable replacement for me. Another great job. Thanks

    Brent Perkins
  • Crafting Production Avatar

    I Had A Affordable replace my roof and add additional insulation. I highly recommend this company. Thanks again for the great work.

    Crafting Production
    Billy Walker Avatar

    From the very start of the project I knew I was in good hands. They did not let me down. Great work and excellent service. I will definitely spread their name to other people.

    Billy Walker
    Tenley Robinson Avatar

    I am beyond pleased with AAffordable Roofing & the job they did on my roof today! Customer service was great! Clean up was great & price..... well they dealt with my insurance company professionally! They got the job done! After 15 years.... I have a beautiful new roof! Thank You AAffordable#aaffordableroofingservices

    Tenley Robinson
  • Michelle Henry Avatar

    Perfect & polite customer service & my friends roof looks fantastic! Dealt with my friends insurance company too! They got there early & finished by the time we were home from work! Great Job & Great Price

    Michelle Henry
    Zoe Redwine Avatar

    Just did my house today such a great job, & great clean up!!!

    Zoe Redwine
    Giga Treat Avatar

    Highly recommend. Great job! Thank you!

    Giga Treat

    Had my roof replaced and Affordable did an excellent job. Quality company and quality work!

    Barbara Walker Avatar

    Had my roof replaced due to hail damage and A Affordable made the experience easy, friendly and quick and professional.

    Barbara Walker
    Eric Murphey Avatar

    Their final clean up was what I appreciated most. My flower beads and side walks were clean, no nails or shingle scraps scattered around. Years ago another company left tiny debris all over the place. A Affordable provided attention to detail!! I respect that!

    Eric Murphey

214 of our Customers were called and surveyed by Guild Quality. We received a 95% SATISFACTION RATE and we have to re qualify EVERY YEAR !

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