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Roof Inspection

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Roof Inspection Service

A Affordable Services offers roof inspections for mortgage companies, real estate agents and homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas. Roof inspection services are done with details and specifics to show you if there is a need to replace your roof. Call for Roof Inspection. If you are looking to replace your roof due to age or storm damage, call us.  Roof Inspections are subject to a fee.

The report we provide is sufficient to provide your mortgage company the information they need to buy or sell your home or commercial building.

Our roof inspection reports includes a comprehensive inspection of the roof system to include visual inspection of the entire roof system and all its components such as:

  • Roof Materials
  • Roof Flashings
  • Roof Vents or Ventilation Systems
  • Chimney Flashings
  • Skylight Flashings
  • Plumbing Vents
  • HVAC Stacks
  • Dryer and/or Kitchen Vents
  • Gutter System



Roof certifications are different from a home inspection. Home inspectors; usually do not perform thorough roof inspections. A Affordable Services our inspectors climb up on the roof and compile a report on various components of the roof such as the general condition of the roof materials:

  • Flashing around roof pipes, tie-ins, vents, valleys and mounting of HVAC units.
  • If the roof does not require repairs, we will then simply issue the roof certification, and vouch for the watertight integrity of the roof.
  • If the roof requires repairs, after the repairs are performed, we will then issue the roof certification.

Factors Influencing Roof Certifications. We will take into consideration the following:

Type and condition of the roof:

  • Age of Roof
  • Roof Slope (or Pitch).
  • How Roof Certifications Help to Sell Homes

The basic purposes of a roof certification are to inform a buyer about the condition of the roof and disclose its estimated remaining life expectancy.

From residential roof inspection, commercial roof inspection, industrial roof inspection, roof certification, and Roof Replacement services we are here to help!

For Real Estate professionals who need roof inspection services; we can provide your roof inspection report or roof certification for a standard service fee.

We feel our service calls, inspections and basic roof repairs are all the same. We offer a complete service to include all basic repairs, exterior sealing…

If you’re looking for roofing inspections services. We have 30 years’ experience and have inspected many homes in Houston.

214 of our Customers were called and surveyed by Guild Quality. We received a 95% SATISFACTION RATE and we have to re qualify EVERY YEAR !

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